5 Free TypeScript Learning Resources

5 Free TypeScript Learning Resources

Free Handbook + YouTube Courses

TypeScript Learning Resources

TypeScript (TS) is the superset of JavaScript, and it has been used in modern web development.

Developers must have TypeScript knowledge to work on Angular projects. Not just Angular, React, and Vue applications can also be configured to use TypeScript, instead of JavaScirpt to make use of TypeScript features like Type check, Classes, Interface, and more.

1. TypeScript official documentation

Official documentation comes to my mind when I want to learn new technology. No exception to TypeScript learning as well, the TypeScript team has put out a great handbook that discusses everything from Basics to Advanced topics.

➡️ TypeScript Handbook

You can also download a copy of it from here.

2. TypeScript tutorial from Microsoft Visual Studio Code

If you are a fan of Visual Studio Code, this tutorial is for you.

You will learn how to install TypeScript in your machine, compile and debug TS code in VS Code. This is a quick refresher course, it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete.

3. YouTube crash course from FreeCodeCamp

Who doesn't love FreeCodeCamp free courses? This crash course from FreeCodeCamp is for absolute beginners.

Watch and learn the modern features of TypeScript.

4. YouTube course from Maximilian

Academind - YouTube channel posts awesome video tutorials on Web development and other technologies.

Maximilian is well known Udemy teacher (as you may already know), his courses on Angular, React are so popular.

This video course is from him, he dives deep into TypeScript.

5. YouTube course from NetNinja

Check out this tutorial series for TypeScript from "NetNinja" YouTube channel.

Pretty comprehensive tutorial series that covers everything in chunks.

Happy learning!

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