How to install/ update/ uninstall Angular CLI?

How to install/ update/ uninstall Angular CLI?

It's time to install Angular CLI.

Angular CLI is a command-line interface tool to develop, scaffold, build, deploy and maintain Angular applications.

To begin with, developing Angular applications, you must install Angular CLI.

Ok, let's begin!

Install Angular CLI

Before installing Angular CLI, make sure you have compatible Node.js is installed in your machine.

Check the version of Node.js needed for Angular CLI here.

Node.js Installation

Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Angular is built on top of Node.js, so this is one of the necessary software you need to have.

Install Node.js from the official Node website.

NPM gets installed along with Node.js, which is a package manager that downloads the dependencies (libraries) from the NPM repository needed for Angular app development.

Angular CLI Installation

It is a command-line interface for Angular that helps in creating new projects, building & packaging the application, etc.,

You can install it right from Node.js command prompt/ Terminal/ Windows command prompt using the below command.


Verify Angular CLI Installation

Run the below command to check if Angular CLI was successfully installed in your machine.


You should see the Angular CLI version as in the below screenshot.


Update Angular CLI

Angular releases a new version once every 6 months. It is better to update the CLI to

Run below three commands to update Angular CLI to the latest version in your machine.

First, two commands deal with uninstalling and the third command installs the latest CLI.


Uninstall Angular CLI

Just in case you want to uninstall Angular CLI from your machine, you need to run the below commands.


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Happy learning!

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