What is Angular?

What is Angular?

Let's get introduced to Angular. Come on in!

Hey everyone, welcome to my The complete Angular tutorial for beginners series, and this is the first blog post of the series. Yay!

This post is all about Introduction to Angular, and it is the first step in learning Angular.

Congrats! 🎉

Below questions will be answered at the end of this post:

  • What is Angular?
  • Why Angular?
  • AngularJS vs. Angular

Let's begin!

What is Angular? – Quick Introduction

Angular is an application design framework and development platform for creating efficient and sophisticated single-page apps. - Angular.io

  • Angular is a framework for developing client applications using HTML, JavaScript & TypeScript.
  • Angular provides a skeleton for creating client applications and has all the libraries needed to build robust applications.
  • A complete framework for developing Single Page Applications developed & maintained by Google.

Why Angular?

  • With Angular, we can develop apps that run across all platforms – Web, Mobile Web, Native Mobile, and Native Desktop. One App that runs across all platforms.
  • Data binding is such an easy thing in Angular – One-way binding / Two-way binding. We will learn a lot about it in the upcoming articles.
  • Speed & Performance can be achieved with other libraries like RxJS in addition to Angular.
  • It is a more streamlined framework that focuses on building applications as Classes using TypeScript.
  • It comes with incredible tooling to generate scaffolding for creating components, modules, etc., build and deploy applications.
  • And above all of the aforementioned pointers, Angular is from Google, so it is well maintained, and new features keep coming in every release.

AngularJS vs Angular

AngularJS and Angular are not the same.

AngularJS is based on JavaScript, and it is a library, not a framework, where Angular is a framework based on TypeScript.

Angular 2.0 and above are called Angular framework; before version 2.0, it is called AngularJS.

Angular JSAngular
LanguageBased on JavaScriptBased on TypeScript
ArchitectureUses the concept of Scope and ControllersUses hierarchy of components.
ArchitectureUses the concept of Scope and ControllersUses hierarchy of components.
Module, Controller (or) Service implementationAs functionsAs classes
Modular SystemAngularJS’s ModulesES6 Modules
Transpiler required?NoRequired

Now you know a lot about Angular, continue the learning with the next article in the series.

Happy learning!

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